What is the Google RankBrain update and what is the impact on (local) SEO?

Google RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system that was launched by Google in 2015 to help improve search results. It is the third most important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. The main goal of RankBrain is to understand the user’s query and provide relevant search results by understanding the context and intent behind the query.

RankBrain uses machine learning to process vast amounts of data and continuously improve the search results. It uses algorithms to analyze and understand the relationships between different words and phrases to determine what a user is actually searching for. It also uses machine learning to understand the relevance of different pages, so it can rank the most relevant pages higher in the search results.

An example of how RankBrain has impacted SEO is by better understanding the long-tail keyword phrases and semantic search. Before RankBrain, a user search for “best Italian restaurant in New York” may have shown results for Italian restaurants in general, rather than the best Italian restaurants in New York specifically. But with RankBrain, search results have become more focused and relevant, showing the best Italian restaurants in New York based on the user’s intent.

Overall, the impact of RankBrain on SEO is significant, as it has made search results more relevant and personalized. It’s important for SEOs to understand the role of RankBrain in search results and optimize their content and website accordingly to rank higher.

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